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I live in Devon, PA, about 20 minutes from the City of Brotherly Love. I graduated from Eastern University with dual majors in Management and Marketing. Art and Photography have been passions of mine since high school when I took a photography class on a whim. In my free time I enjoy blogging, girls nights out, reading, and relaxing!


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Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally!! Phew!

So October has been one of my busiest months to date! I'm exhausted- but a GOOD exhausted.

Some updates that have happened in October:

-KLP has REDONE their website. It is pretty, professional, clean and makes Kara a giddy giddy girl. PLEASE go check it out at www.karaloomisphotography.tk It's pretty darn cool if I say so myself.

-KLP is now offering "Throwback Shoots". Ok what is a throwback shoot exactly? A throwback shoot is a shoot that is also known as "fantasy" or "other-era" shoots. This includes props, costume and fun. A throwback shoot is more fashion oriented, with role-playing poses and different editing then what you would find with a regular portrait shoot. The photos are meant to feel old-fashioned, aged, old-world glamorous. This can be from any area, any theme, and 'feel.' And they are some of my favorite shoots to work on! You can check out Brittany and Sarah's Throwback Shoots below. If you are interested in a throwback shoot- please feel free to email me at karaloomisphoto@gmail.com

-I stink at updating. This I know. So for those of you who do not follow me on facebook (Hi grandma and grandpa!!) I want to let you know before you get to the pictures that I have updated SIX SHOOTS tonight. Don't stop until you get to Pierce's baby photos! They're all new! There are samples shots with links to more photos included in each update. If you would like to follow Kara on Facebook please go to: www.facebook.com/KaraLoomisPhotography

-KLP is also on Twitter for those of you who don't know! Follow KLP now! @KaraLoomisPhoto.

As for the face behind KLP- I'm buckling down for the winter, breaking out the apple cinnamon scented candles and the electric blanket and getting ready for snow! I have some great photo shoots coming up including a wedding, a trash the dress, a winter-wonderland throwback shoot and a high fashion shoot in Philly called Modelpalooza! All so different and yet so exciting so check back often!

For now- Love to all.

Brittany - Portrait (Throwback Shoot)

Brittany and I had a blast this weekend doing another one of my favorite kind of shoots, ones I call "Throwback Shoots" (also known as "fantasty" or "other-era" shoots).

Throwback Shoots are where a client picks a favorite era, or fantasy and we play it out in their shoot. It's really popular to throw back to the 40s and 50s recently. These shoots are more fashion oriented, role-playing poses and less of the flashy smiles that are found in typical shoots. The editing is made to look like the cameras of that time period.

Brittany really liked my train shots from previous shoots and wanted to do a 1950's housewife type of theme. We even got 2 gentlemen who go to the Valley Forge Academy walking by and convinced them to be very accommodating and awesome props that fit perfectly in with this theme.

Throwback shoots are some are my favorite to shoot and edit and it was hard to narrow down Brittany's shoot so if you want to see some more fantastic shots of Brittany please go here

I had the perfect fall day with Eastern University senior, Shannon. The colors were fantastic and the weather was beautiful! Shannon is heading off to Thailand to student teach for her final semester so we squeezed in a quick senior portrait shoot before she travels abroad. I had a blast!

To see more of Shannon's beautiful fall senior portraits please click here

Sarah - Portrait

Sarah and I took a night after work and did what I like to call "Throw-back Shoots" These shoots are similar to "fantasy" or "other era" shoots. These shoots include dressing like a different era, using props, etc. They are more a fashion and posing shoot rather than a typical smiles and colors shoot. The editing and the film look different, like it could have been taken on an older camera or aged.

She and I really wanted to do a shoot the had a timely, old, reminiscent feeling to it and so we packed up a fedora, an ancient suitcase and hit the fields of Valley Forge and then the local train station for the feeling of a vagabond with a secret, and great style.

Sarah is a dear friend of mine and a great writer and cook. You can check out her sites at: sarahwritesinphilly.com (her writings) and hipsterveg.com (for some really yummy and fully vegetarian recipes).

To see more of this fun shoot please go here

I had a blast shooting with one of my good friends from my childhood. Lauren and Javy just got engaged and will be getting married this upcoming July. I had a blast with these two as they were willing to do whatever necessary to get a good shot - which is SO important in a client/photographer relationship. It might seem crazy but the crazy ideas make the best shots!

Thanks to my roommate and friend Sarah (www.hipsterveg.com and www.sarahwritesinphilly.com) for second shooting for me.

To see more photos of Lauren and Javy's amazing engagement shoot please go here (trust me it was hard to pick just 10!)

Ann and Corey Engagement

At the beginning of October I had a chance to go down to my parent's alma mater and shoot Corey and Ann at the University of Delaware (their alma mater as well). I had a blast with these too hanging around the gorgeous campus. I have the honor of shooting their wedding on memorial day weekend and I can't wait!

To see more of Ann and Corey's Engagement Shoot please go here