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I live in Devon, PA, about 20 minutes from the City of Brotherly Love. I graduated from Eastern University with dual majors in Management and Marketing. Art and Photography have been passions of mine since high school when I took a photography class on a whim. In my free time I enjoy blogging, girls nights out, reading, and relaxing!


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big Changes

To all my faithful (though silent... comment people!!) followers other there... I have BIG changes coming up in the next few weeks!

  • First- as you all can see- I have slightly revamped the blog to look a little more classy and a little less "thrown together".  I'm happy with the changes.  What do you think?

  • Second- Due to my VERY faithful, very awesome and very very amazing friend, Amy- Kara Loomis Photography (KLP) will be launching a website in the next week or two!  A real live website! :)  I can't begin to thank Amy for her amazing and dedicated work and I'm excited for the launch!  

  • Third- I was invited to a networking party and because of that- I had to whip together an unconventional business card!  It's a 5x7 printed picture of some of my work.  I did it really quick- so I'm in the process of redesign.  So hopefully it will be nice to have something to hand out and bring in more business! Mama needs a new laptop! ;)

  • Fourth- thanks to my co-worker and friend, Stefanie- KLP will have a wonderful new logo and photo-stamp due to her amazing graphic design skills!  I'm blown away by her amazing skills and can't wait to have my logo look a bit more classy!

  • Fifth- I was given a copy of photoshop!!!  yay!  (yes I've been editing without photoshop up til now!  Shock and awe can now commence!)  Just kidding.  But yes-I've been given through a generous donation, the C3 version of photoshop and have been giddy with joy since I uploaded it today.  The only problem is that my laptop is on it's last dying breath.  So we uploaded it with lots of prayers and finger crossing.  I definitely need a laptop soon, within the next couple of months or else KLP will be at a stand still.  I'm saving up my meager savings as a contract admin to buy a Mac- but it will take very long.  So I've been praying and doing a lot of trusting of God to keep my current laptop alive and to bring me lots of new clients so I can afford a Mac! So tell  all your friends about me!  :) :)  (but if anyone has a Mac or laptop that they feel they just HAVE to donate- I won't be opposed!!)  ;) ;)

Anyways, all these new things are just INCREDIBLY exciting and I am astounded with how amazing my friends have been with helping me with the launch of this little business!  Business of course is a bit slow... so I'm just trying to get the word out! 

Photo-wise- keep a look out of a portrait taken of my good friend Jeri-lynn at night in the heart of Wayne.  We had a lot of fun but cut the shoot short due to one cold night!  Photos will probably be up by Monday - so check back!

Had an engagement shoot tomorrow- but had to reschedule due to the frigid conditions that tomorrow promises!!  yuck!  So hopefully that will take place next weekend.  February 7th and 8th will be two engagement shoots to the winners of my facebook contest.  

If you run into this blog and want to become my facebook fan, PLEASE do!  Just search for "Kara Loomis Photography" in the facebook search bar and click on my fan page!  Click on the link: "become a fan" in order to be updated via facebook of all the new and exciting posts!

Thanks to all my fans and stay tuned for some awesome new shoots!


  1. YAY!! I like the blog revamp-very nice. And I am really excited to see the website once Amy gets it all up and running.

  2. here here! things are really taking off!! i'm SO excited!!! and also, Dan was asking when our shoot is going to happen, so we needs to set that up. i'm mucho excited-o! LOVE!!!