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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A hodge podge mix of recent events

Some random snapshots of easter, at home america party and ring shots!

we dyed easter eggs- a long time tradition!
(adding oil (olive in this case) to the dye can result in a tie dye effect. very cool)
Another trick is to add rubber bands around the egg to cause a stripey look
My ghetto KLP egg (the blue one is results of the olive oil)

The view my dad has. Gorgeous, yes?
This street is near my apartment. How can you not love spring?
My friend Brittany works for At Home America. It's an awesome company that sells home decor. Here is the Sangria Picnic Party that we threw for At Home America.

Sparkling Apple Cider (hi mom!)

Some of the things that AHA sells. To order anything please go to www.athome.com/brittany and check out their fabulous stuff (GREAT mother's day gifts) (My kitty, Zuri, not included)
Zuri won't cuddle with me- but brittany? yes. breaks her momma's heart.
Ok I practiced some ring shots on my own ring (not engagement ring... still lookin fellas!) with a cork and wine bottle. I mean sparkling cider..... ;) Check them out and let me know what you think:

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